I took the online quilting class and learned some solid, basic information.  We worked with just squares of fabric, so nothing fancy.  I learned that pieces can be “chained” which means you do not backstitch at all, and you simply stop when one piece is done, raise the presser foot without cutting off the last piece, and then start the next one.  The result is a “chain” of sewn together pieces that you can then cut apart.  Chaining is nice because it is fast and it keeps all your sets in order.

But, I got a bit bored working in miniature with normal blocks.  I will be working full scale with just blocks on a quilt for my brother (I just need to get a little more fabric), but I thought it would be neat to learn how to do more complex blocks.  I found a series of bog posts that teaches some classic blocks, and I got started!


It’s not a very good picture, but I did the Friendship Star and Shoofly patterns as 12 inch blocks, the Yankee Puzzle as a 6 inch block, and the Bear Claw as 3 inch blocks.  There’s a whole lot more to learn, but I’m excited at how these have turned out!